WHOLEGARMENT knitting mavhine

Remarkable as a product.
Phenomenal as a production solution.

WHOLEGARMENT is not just knitwear without seams.
It is a completely new category of knitwear that revolutionizes the entire knit supply chain.




Typically, a knitted garment consists of separate parts— the front and back body panels and the sleeves—which are sewn together afterward.

In sharp contrast, SHIMA SEIKI’s revolutionary WHOLEGARMENT knitwear is produced in one entire piece, three-dimensionally, directly on the knitting machine.

Consequently, it requires no expensive, time-consuming post-production labor*, realizing a whole new kind of knitwear that would otherwise require highly skilled sewing labor or even be too complicated to sew.

Seam-free "second skin" fit and comfort, in addition to the sustainable benefits of knitwear that consumes only the material required to produce a single garment, makes WHOLEGARMENT the "ideal knitwear."

* Some designs may require partial stitching.



日韩a毛片免费播放|日本毛片a一免费Dimensional shaping creates clean shoulder lines and produces a garment that conforms better to the shape of the body.



Seams no longer interfere with the continuity of the knit fabric from front to back. In addition, for garments with complex patterns using multiple pieces, 3D shaping using knitted-in darts creates a beautiful silhouette with flowing drape.



Knitted-in necklines and collars create a refined and sophisticated look.

Under Arms

Under Arms

日韩a毛片免费播放|日本毛片a一免费No seams under the arms eliminates the bulky discomfort of typical sewn knitwear.

Supply Chain Revolution

Achieve the unimaginable,
and exceed your expectations.

The combination of SHIMA SEIKI's 3D design system and WHOLEGARMENT flat knitting machines achieves what cannot be realized with conventional knit production.

using virtual samples

Improve planning accuracy and efficiency through use of virtual samples

presales and demand forecasting

日韩a毛片免费播放|日本毛片a一免费Enable presale events for forecasting demand

Reduce lead time

Minimize post-processing
日韩a毛片免费播放|日本毛片a一免费 and reduce lead time

mid-season production and Custom-made business

Quick response supports mid-season production and customization.

appropriate stock

日韩a毛片免费播放|日本毛片a一免费Optimized inventory prevents leftover stock and avoids bargain pricing

Minimum resources

Earth-friendly by using minimal resources

knit production

"Reshoring" of production to consumption areas

Conscious of Sustainability



Conserving limited resources

WHOLEGARMENT knitwear is produced in one entire piece, consuming only the amount of yarn required for that item.


Efficient planning

日韩a毛片免费播放|日本毛片a一免费High-resolution virtual samples created on the SDS-ONE APEX series 3D design system are realistic enough to replace actual sampling that requires significant time, cost and material.


Ideal production system

日韩a毛片免费播放|日本毛片a一免费The combination of virtual sampling and WHOLEGARMENT knitting can optimize inventory and minimize leftovers that otherwise go to waste.


Taking advantage of 3D knitting, everything from simple pullovers to brand new types of knitwear can be produced with special features unique to WHOLEGARMENT such as unprecedented fit, comfort and extended range of motion. Elements that normally require complicated sewing such as drape and shirr, as well as browsing effects for creating volume, can be knitted in. High productivity and efficiency, reduced dependence on labor as well as savings in resources makes WHOLEGARMENT knitting the ultimate form of knit production.
Beautiful flares and pronounced drapes

Beautiful flares and pronounced drapes

With 3D knitting based on patterns, flared skirts and dresses with multiple pattern pieces can be knit without seams. Hem width can be adjusted using flechage or short-row technique for producing silhouettes exactly as intended. Bold and elegant drapes can be created as well.

Inlay technique

Inlay technique

日韩a毛片免费播放|日本毛片a一免费Weaving specialty yarn through knitted fabric yields a unique product that blends the soft stretch of knits with the sophistication of wovens (Select WHOLEGARMENT knitting machines can be fitted with the inlay carrier option for efficient inlay knitting).

Airdrobe (Air + Wardrobe)

Airdrobe (Air + Wardrobe)

日韩a毛片免费播放|日本毛片a一免费WHOLEGARMENT knitwear using inlay technique is surprisingly light and comfortable. Jackets, coats and suits that are traditionally woven can now be produced as knitwear. By knitting on its side, stretch in the horizontal direction is combined with non-stretch yarn in the vertical direction that helps Airdrobe maintain its shape.

Elegance unique to WHOLEGARMENT

Elegance unique to WHOLEGARMENT

日韩a毛片免费播放|日本毛片a一免费For lace patterns and transparent designs, seams are inevitably noticeable. However when produced as a WHOLEGARMENT item, the elegance of transparency itself can be enjoyed to its fullest.

Combining Different Materials

Combining different materials

日韩a毛片免费播放|日本毛片a一免费WHOLEGARMENT knitwear can perform changeovers in knit patterns, structures, textures and materials. Changeovers can also be performed for knitting-in special functional yarns in key positions for extra added-value. For example, moistureabsorbing, quick-dry material can be used under the arms, or soil-resistant yarns can be used at the collar and cuffs.

Technical Features

Wide Range of Knitting

Deeper necklines

Deeper necklines

With better control over flechage, deeper necklines can be produced. New capabilities in WHOLEGARMENT knitting allow new styles that help increase the attraction of knitwear.

Intarsia-like knits

Intarsia-like knits

Changing colors while using short-row technique yields designs that mimic intarsia patterns without sacrificing production efficiency.

Dimensional structure patterns

Dimensional structure patterns

日韩a毛片免费播放|日本毛片a一免费Spring-type moveable sinkers allow for the production of dimensional fabric effects such as pintuck or ottoman stitches.

Knitting-in decorative elements

Knitting-in decorative elements

Flechage can be used to increase the amount of frill, ruffles and other details.

3D pants

3D pants

3D pants can be knitted with more fabric on the front of the legs to form a natural bend at the knees, as well as other measures to increase comfort and form a more attractive silhouette.

A new generation of basic items

A new generation of basic items

The refined capability of WHOLEGARMENT knitting is most apparent in basic styles whose faults if any are difficult to hide.

Low gauge

Low gauge

日韩a毛片免费播放|日本毛片a一免费WHOLEGARMENT knitwear can be knit in low gauges as well, with coarse texture and a hand-knitted look.



日韩a毛片免费播放|日本毛片a一免费Jacquard knits can be knit efficiently using two systems.

Integral knits

Integral knits

日韩a毛片免费播放|日本毛片a一免费Pockets with flaps, hoods, plackets and buttonholes can be knitted-in without seams, ensuring consistent product quality and avoiding problems with labor shortage.

Half-cardigan stitch

Half-cardigan stitch

Reverse applications of half-cardigan stitch yield structures with volume. Efficiency is also ensured by using two systems.

WHOLEGARMENT Knitting Machines

SHIMA SEIKI WHOLEGARMENT knitting machines provide wide patterning range,
high efficiency and stable, consistent production of WHOLEGARMENT products.

Applications in WHOLEGARMENT Knitting

SHIMA SEIKI's WHOLEGARMENT knitting machine lineup supports a variety of production needs.

In addition, there is growing interest in WHOLEGARMENT knitting for applications outside the field of fashion, including interior furnishings, sports, medical, automotive, aerospace, and other industrial textiles. Of particular interest are the unique opportunities in technical textiles provided by WHOLEGARMENT technology for knitting seam-free tubes and performing 3D shaping.

3D Design System SDS-ONE APEX Series

Planning and Designing WHOLEGARMENT

The SDS-ONE APEX series 3D design system can be used to create simulations that are realistic enough to be mistaken for the real thing. These simulations can be used as virtual samples that can replace actual sampling in the design evaluation phase.

In addition, virtual samples can be used for presale activities in-store or on EC sites for forecasting demand, allowing production volume to be controlled and inventory optimized for preventing leftover waste.



The WHOLEGARMENT knitting machine was first introduced at the International Textile Machinery (ITMA) exhibition in 1995. Described as the “Magic of the Orient,” WHOLEGARMENT knitting technology has undergone much progress since its introduction, in productivity and efficiency, flexibility, reliability, and expanded patterning capability as well as product range. The benefits of WHOLEGARMENT now go far beyond what was originally expected from the simple elimination of seams. 25 years of innovation have prepared WHOLEGARMENT to take on the demands of mainstream knit production in the 21st century.


From the moment the first glove fell through the chute of SHIMA SEIKIʼs original product, the fully automated glove knitting machine, founder Masahiro Shima was already inspired as to the direction the company would be taking into the 21st century. The hint was in the glove, itself a WHOLEGARMENT product. Turning the glove upside-down and joining the middle-three fingers to form the body, with the pinky and thumb as the sleeves and the cuff portion as the collar, a tiny sweater is formed.

years of

Since its introduction 25 years ago, WHOLEGARMENT technology has been continually evolving.


WHOLEGARMENT is the cutting edge in flat knitting technology, with an impressive number of patents.


日韩a毛片免费播放|日本毛片a一免费WHOLEGARMENT technology is recognized for its many achievements throughout the years.

A Rewarding Experience

A Rewarding Experience

  • 1996

    18th Senken Award, Senken Shimbun Newspaper

  • 1997

    Business Manager Award, Zaikai Kenkyusho

  • 1999

    19th Business Leaders' Award, Mainichi Shimbun Newspaper

  • 1999

    Award for Achievement in Industrial Property, Japan Patent Office

  • 2002

    Mainichi Fashion Grand Prix Amiko Kujiraoka Award, Mainichi Shimbun Newspaper

  • 2004

    Special Achievement Award, Senken Shimbun Newspaper

  • 2005

    Kansai Zaikai Seminar Award 2005 Grand Prize, Kansai Economic

  • 2005

    Federation and the Kansai Association of Corporate Executives Design Excellent Company Award, Japan Industrial Design Promotion Organization

  • 2006

    Minister of Economy, Trade and Industry Award

  • 2007

    53rd Okochi Memorial Foundation Grand Production Prize

  • 2010

    Commander of the Order of the Star of Italian Solidarity

  • 2012

    Induction, American Textile Hall of Fame

  • 2014

    Honorary Doctorate, Drexel University

  • 2015

    Grand Prize, The Kigyoka Prize

  • 2017

    Good Design BEST 100, Japan Institute of Design Promotion

Support for WHOLEGARMENT Users

Support for WHOLEGARMENT Users

With 25 years of experience in the development, manufacture and marketing of WHOLEGARMENT knitting machines, we have firmly established an effective customer support program along the way. Now that WHOLEGARMENT knitting is playing a greater role in global knit production, our commitment to customer support is greater than ever.



WHOLEGARMENT product tags are available for use by knitting companies, apparel companies, designers and merchandisers associated with the production and promotion of WHOLEGARMENT knitwear, identifying them at the retail level as genuine WHOLEGARMENT products in order to distinguish them from conventional knitwear. Over 16 million WHOLEGARMENT product tags have been sold to date (as of April 2019).

The Communication Space

The Communication Space

Design Centers in New York and Milan, as well as showrooms at our Wakayama headquarters, Tokyo and West Japan branch offices, Los Angeles, Derbyshire, Seoul, Shanghai and Hong Kong always have the latest samples on display, and provide opportunities for strategic meetings among designer, apparel merchandiser, yarn spinner and knit manufacturer.



SHIMA SEIKI offers training courses for WHOLEGARMENT technology at its headquarters in Japan, or at subsidiaries, branch offices and agencies worldwide.


Usersʼ Site

Registered Users can access the SHIMA SEIKI Users' Site for browsing and downloading from our knit sample archive of more than 10,000 items, including over 8,500 WHOLEGARMENT items. Training videos and other technical support are also available online.

Latest Trend Information

We provide timely trend information by participating in various fashion events and producing sample collections.


Collection Book

View the KNIT VISIONS sample collection book issued by SHIMA SEIKI in e-book format.


VR/AR Application

日韩a毛片免费播放|日本毛片a一免费SHIMA SEIKI's original knit samples can be viewed in VR or AR with the dedicated app.


Web-Based Fashion Service

staf is a web-based archive of fashion trend information covering the past 50 years.
You can organize information and perform product planning using tools with simple and intuitive operation,

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