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SHIMA SEIKI computerized knitting machines, cutting machines,
and inkjet printing machines revolutionize production of interior furnishings.


Knit It

Compared to woven fabrics, shaped knitting
can produce items to shape,
shortening lead time significantly.

Hybrid fabrics featuring
unprecedented textures that combine
日韩a毛片免费播放|日本毛片a一免费 knits and wovens can be produced.

Why knit with SHIMA SEIKI?

Why knit with SHIMA SEIKI?

日韩a毛片免费播放|日本毛片a一免费Multiple-variety, small-lot production

Quick response

日韩a毛片免费播放|日本毛片a一免费Design based on each customer's technology

Support of a variety of materials

日韩a毛片免费播放|日本毛片a一免费Sustainable production using minimum material

Three-dimensional shaping


WHOLEGARMENT can produce items
in one entire piece three-dimensionally,
for shortened lead times and cost savings.

WHOLEGARMENT items can also fit
complex shapes, making it ideal
日韩a毛片免费播放|日本毛片a一免费 for production of interior furnishings.

3D Design System SDS-ONE APEX Series

Design It

With the 3D design system SDS-ONE APEX series,
designs can be examined
with "virtual samples" created by simulations,
during the stages of planning and design.
The need for sampling is eliminated
because it is realistic enough to be regarded
as an actual product, which can shorten
日韩a毛片免费播放|日本毛片a一免费 lead times for product development.

In addition, accurate digital communication
can be achieved by using APEX
by material maker, planner, and producer.

Cost reduce

Time reduce

Quality increase


In addition to colorways,
an abundant archive of materials
such as knits, wovens, lace and quilts
can be used to instantly add texture
日韩a毛片免费播放|日本毛片a一免费 to the image for further realism.

product images

Realistic product images can be created
by compositing designs
and materials with product photos.
Models can be created easily
with dedicated functions
such as automatic mask and texture mapping.


Cut It

Production of interior furnishing can be further automated.
SHIMA SEIKI offers a comprehensive lineup of machines
日韩a毛片免费播放|日本毛片a一免费 that supports various customer needs.

SHIMA SEIKI's computerized cutting machines
support cutting of a variety of materials.

Benefits of SHIMA SEIKI's Cutting Machine

Benefits of SHIMA SEIKI's Cutting Machine

日韩a毛片免费播放|日本毛片a一免费MADE IN JAPAN quality and precision

Product lineup to meet customers' needs

Wide range of customization

日韩a毛片免费播放|日本毛片a一免费Higher productivity

日韩a毛片免费播放|日本毛片a一免费Conservation of raw material

Labor shortage solutions

User Support by SHIMA SEIKI

Service & Maintenance

Service & Maintenance

日韩a毛片免费播放|日本毛片a一免费SHIMA SEIKI has established a user support system worldwide. Customers can use our products with reassurance from a comprehensive maintenance program, training programs suited to each customer's needs, and a steady, long-term supply of genuine parts.

SHIMA online

SHIMA online

The SHIMA SEIKI Online Services portal site is a one-stop source for accessing various web-based services.
From fashion information and PLM solutions to sample data downloads, FAQs and tutorials, we support our users in all stages of the product supply chain.

We can tailor solutions to fit each customer's requirements.
日韩a毛片免费播放|日本毛片a一免费 Please feel free to contact us.

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